Nature Uncut Tours was established in 2006 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. We specialise in customised, small-group safaris with a particular focus on wildlife, nature, culture and photography. We currently offer tours throughout Southern Africa, as well as Uganda and Madagascar. If getting close to wildlife or immersing yourself in natural beauty is your passion, then book a tour with us. We offer a number of standard tours on this website, but any of these can be modified according to your interests, time-frame or budget. 

“This was my fourth trip to Africa and one of the best. I had a thoughtful, delightful "walking encyclopedia" at my side. Pepe Jones is, I predict, going to become a major player in South African travel because she is enthusiastic, inquisitive, a sympathetic and good researcher, anticipates questions and interests and is prepared for them.”

Martha B Hopkins
Tucson, Arizona

Lodges have been carefully selected for their quality, excellent hosts and beautiful settings, and are usually moderately luxurious to luxurious i.e. 4 to 5 star. The length of our tours varies from day tours to longer safaris of up to 3 weeks or more. All of our tours are guided by qualified, THETA-registered guides with a background in natural history. Since we cater mainly for small groups, we ensure that you receive an in-depth and personal tour experience. Nature Uncut is a member of the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA) and the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB), and all clients are protected by the SATSA financial guarantee. We are insured through Intasure. Our aim is to promote tourism in a responsible and ethical manner and we support responsible tourism ventures whenever possible. We do not support or encourage the unnecessary confinement, taming or hunting of wild animals for sport. If you are going to shoot animals, we would rather you do it with a camera! All the photos on this website have been taken during our tours and some are available as prints. Please visit our gallery for further images. If you would like any further information about our tours please complete the reservation form or send us an email. We look very forward to hearing from you!

Pepe Jones

Pepe is the owner and manager of Nature Uncut Tours and she resides in Cape Town, South Africa. She obtained a BSc Honours degree in Environmental Science and Archaeology at the University of Cape Town in 1998. She then worked as an Environmental Scientist for four years before joining a birding tour company as a guide and joint operations manager. In July 2006 she started Nature Uncut Tours, offering customised wildlife, nature and photo safaris in Southern Africa. She is a Professional Natural Scientist and a THETA-registered tour guide. She is passionate about nature and her tours generally focus on all aspects of the natural environment, including mammals, birdlife, geography and ecology, as well as local culture and history. She also loves photography, especially wildlife and landscape photography, and enjoys guiding tours where photography is a focus.

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